The packajing series

Paper is mostly used to be written and printed on to store information. Or in another way, paper is utilised to package things for protection and transportation. The packajing series is the idea of folding paper to create objects such as a lamp, a clock or a picture frame. The concept of the series is the designed and cut paper which fits in all components without using glue or tape. The ability of folding the objects for yourself makes you a part of the creation process. The unfolded parts are packaged in a large envelope and can be sent away easily.

I started the project in October 2016 when I had the thoughts to make something three dimensional out of paper. I was inspired by packaging material which is usually made to cover up things. During the research I realised that some materials are very well designed and too valuable to be thrown away. Then I came up with the idea of folding paper and started building the first mockups. After working many hours with a cutter in my hand I started thinking about machines. Working with a cutting machine speeded up the process and the project was rolling. The first finished object was the clock. Followed by the lamp and the picture frame. Besides designing the objects I started working on the graphic design. Choosing the colours was the most difficult decision in the project. After the whole design work was done, the objects were finally produced in small numbers of pieces.
My message with the series is that paper is a beautiful material which can be used to run free our creativity. The digital world is growing, but paper is still the best idea recorder.


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